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Serving in:
Olathe, Kansas
Growing up outside of Kansas City, Joel spent many days at the airport, watching airplanes take off and land at the small airport close to his
home.  Having a desire to fly since the age of 6, God opened the door in 2004 for Joel to begin the journey to fulfill that desire.  While working
on his Certificated Flight Instructor qualifications, God set a vision of a ministry utilizing aviation in three distinct categories; ministry
transportation, flight training for ministry, and as a youth pastor, youth aviation programs.  He has spent the last several years as a flight
instructor, developing a solid curriculum with a focus on serving the Lord with airplanes, as well as building the vision for Eagle Flight.  
Currently Joel is working as an apprentice mechanic at the flight school he teaches at, to gain the experience required for aviation
maintenance certification.

Joel and Jennifer have been married since 1998 and have four children.  They have served as youth pastors and traveling ministry as well as
worked in missions in the Philippines.   The family has a heart for the Lord and for missions and look forward to seeing God fulfill His vision
He has placed in their hearts.
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Jessica LaVelle

Working toward A&P and Instructor

Currently Serving In:
Olathe, Kansas
Jessica came to Eagle Flight in 2014 while the Beyer family was in the state of Washington working towards Joel's A&P certification.  She is a
young, energetic woman with a heart after God, willing to do only what He calls her to do.  This is why she has fit in to this ministry so well.  She
loves to fly and work on planes.  Her heart is to serve with Eagle Flight as a mechanic and flight instructor, and to fly missions providing
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Voting Member
Joel is the Founder, Director of Operations and Chief Flight Instructor for Eagle Flight Aviation
Todd has served in full time ministry in various aspects and is currently working toward his Private Pilot certificate.  He has
eved his solo and is currently working on cross country skills
David has been a solid supporter of Eagle Flight from the very beginning.  He has served as a leader in his church and a
strong mentor to Joel Beyer through the process of developing this ministry.
Dewey is a youth pastor and longtime accountability partner for Eagle Flight leadership.  He has served in the church for
several years, leading youth camps and developing youth group curriculum.  
Jeff is pastor and worship leader at Christ Family Church and has a strong passion and desire for flying.  His vision is to
pursue his aviation passion through his Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings and teach future missionary pilots with
Eagle Flight Aviation.  He loves to serve the Lord where ever God may take him.
Dewey Sikes
Jeff Lyon
David Beyer
Todd Davis
Joel Beyer