About Us
What is Eagle Flight Aviation?
Eagle Flight is a vision set by God beginning in 2008 to provide aviation
services and training specifically to ministry.  It started as a desire to
provide transportation to traveling pastors and ministry and has grown into
providing flight instruction to future missions pilots.  The vision is to
eventually grow into a full service aviation facility specifically to provide
transportation services to ministry and leadership in need of quick and
efficient transportation.
What does Eagle Flight Aviation do?
Currently we are training a group of pilots God has selected and placed as
future leadership with the organization.  
As the Lord allows us to grow and
develop the ministry, Eagle Flight will build on the vision He has set of
providing more
aviation services here in the United States as well as in
foreign nations, specifically the Philippines.
What is the future vision for Eagle Flight?
The vision is to grow Eagle Flight into an organization supporting and
ministry and missionary pilots around the world.  This includes the

1. Develop U.S. and foreign flight, maintenance and training bases
consisting of:
•        a. Airport facilities including
•                Hangars Offices and Class Rooms
•        b. Missionary Housing
•        c. Aircraft and Equipment
•        d. Missionary
and Ministry Support Services

2. Prepare missionary pilots through:
•        a. Pilot Training
•        b. Aircraft Mechanic Training
•        c. Discipleship Training

3. Promote and facilitate missionary trips supporting missionaries
spreading the gospel.

4. Provide tax-exempt status and support  for independ
ent missionaries        
flying under Eagle Flight Aviation support.

5. Develop youth programs to promote the growth of missions aviation
       a. Youth Aviation Camps
       b. Youth Aviation Seminars
       c. Speaking sessions for youth groups and           
Eagle Flight Aviation Ministries
Missionary pilots fly into some of the most remote
airstrips in the world.
The vision of Eagle Flight is to have facilities similar to
this to house a full service aviation ministry including
flight training, maintenance and maintenance training,
and flight support for ministry.
While missionary pilots love to fly, the real reason we
fly is the people.  Im many cases, airplanes are the
only way to reach them.  This photo was take by the
Beyer family, summer 2010 in Dumaguette City,
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