Eagle Flight Aviation Missions
A runway to a remote village in
the Negros region of the
Legendary Super Cub
This airplane is widely used in
backcountry flying and
missions work.
Eagle Flight Aviation Ministries International
At the heart of Eagle Flight is the ministry transport flight program, providing
humanitarian services
including disaster relief, medical evacuation, and ministry
transportation are services
in the United States and eventually  around the world.  

As ministry needs grow around the United States and throughout the world, the need
for ministry to be able to travel efficiently will grow as well.  As part of the missionary
pilot training process, our pilots will build real world cross country flight experience
providing transportation to these traveling ministers.  This will benefit both the ministry
as well as the pilots.  Ministry will be able to travel when they need to where they need
to at a minimum cost while the missions student build flight time and experience.

The vision of Eagle Flight is to develop bases here in the United States, in the
Philippines and around the world to provide these services when and where there is a
need.  These bases will serve as staging facilities to reach out to outlying areas in
Missionary Pilot Training
While the need for pilots continues to increase, pilots who have the proper training,
are qualified, are willing to go and dont have loads of debt for flight training are getting
harder to find.  Eagle Flight Aviation Ministries was formed in 2008 to encourage,
train, support and send missionary pilots that fill these areas.  

The vision of Eagle Flight is to provide training to pilots dedicated to the service of the
Lord in a good Christian environment that focusses specifically on missions
aviation.  Once the training curriculum with Eagle Flight is fully established, missions
students will obtain a:

Commercial Pilot Certificate including-
 Instrument Rating
 Float Plane Rating
 High Performance Endorsement
 Complex Endorsement
 Mountain Flying Experience
 Actual missions experience
 400-500 hours total flight time
Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic Certification
 In-shop experience working on actual missions aircraft

The goal for this training is to equip these pilots with the skills needed as efficient
and affordable as possible so that they can go into this world fully equiped and ready
to go.  God has not called these missionaries to go without first fully equipping them
for the work.

The vision of Eagle Flight Aviation is not only to provide this flight training program to
students from the United States but also to indigenous people of the world.  The
International Student Training Program is focused on bringing select pilot trainees
from places like the Philippine and South America to train them.  These indigenous
people are already accustomed to the area and make excellent missionary pilots.  
The desire is to bring them here, train them and send them to fly in their homeland
with an airplane to fly.


Eagle Flight Aviation Ministries International, Incorporated, including its flight school, which trains
missionary pilots, admits students of any race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin to all the
rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the
school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin in
administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and
other school-administered programs.
Youth Aviation Programs
The future of all aviation, especially missions aviation, is dependant on getting kids
interested in aviation and developing in them an understanding of just what it takes to
be a pilot, especially a missions pilot.  Here at EagleFlight Aviation Ministries we will
focus on youth aviation through several programs listed below.

         Summer Camps

         Building an Airplane

         Speaking at Youth Groups and Youth Events
Phillipines village
In areas of mostly islands, float
planes are the best method of
transportation for ministry and
medivac operations.
Aircraft like this Pilatus PC-12 make great tools to
provide transportation for ministry.  
Youth aviation and missionary pilot training are
essential to bringing up the next generation of
missionary pilots to go out into this world and
bring the Good News.
Aircraft like the Cessna Skyhawk (top) make great
aircraft for training pilots while the Cessna Grand
Caravan (bottom) can be utilized for advanced
turbine training as well as making an excellent
platform for transporting ministry.  The desire for
Eagle Flight is to utilize aircraft like the Grand
Caravan to fulfill both rolls, providing transportation
to ministry while at the same time giving advanced
students training in large aircraft and passenger
Ministry Transportation